Build more predictable and a decision-ready organization
Understand your company numbers in the past, present, and future with a visual day-to-day financial management tool specifically designed for decision-makers.
  • Simple to setup
  • Simple to use
  • Highly secured
"Moneto encapsulates everything you were before doing in spreadsheets to a clean design and effective experience. It's a safe place where you can create transactions, categories, projects, budgets, and goals in a format you understand … without worrying about making a mistake. It's your financial playground. Give it a try and experience financial management in a simple, fun and ultimately effective way.”
David Bištiak
CEO at MonetoHQ
How it works
It's really simple, you can deal with it during a Monday's cup of coffee.


Add Transactions

Don't put much science behind this, just add your revenue and expenses manually through a simple form.


Let the tool make magic

Moneto organizes and visualizes your financial data. You'll get information in a format you understand.


Plan your next move

Be immediately empowered, make business decisions based on sound financial data, not just a hunch.
Manage your business finances like a PRO
Even if you aren't a numbers person, don't understand the jargon and don't have financial knowledge
Understand your cash position
Add revenue and expenses and see your cash position
  • ​Know exactly how much cash your business has now
  • ​Stay in control of customer and supplier payments
  • ​Organize actions around overdue invoices
See your future
Add recurring transactions and see the cash flow impact 
  • ​Get a clear picture of where your business is headed
  • ​​Evaluate risks and opportunities
  • ​Nip problems before they get bigger
Accomplish your goals
Set financial annual goals and track your progress
  • ​Define the long-term vision for your company
  • ​Plan and validate revenue streams
  • ​Make necessary changes
Budget your expenses
Set monthly budgets and track your spending behavior
  • ​​Identify trends and patterns in your spendings
  • ​Establish top expense categories
  • ​Optimize your spending
Play around
Understand the full implication of your decisions on profitability and cash, before you make them
  • Model your ideas before you take action
  • ​Adapt quickly and confidently to a changing world
  • ​​Know how much you can safely spend to grow
Eliminate surprises
Be informed about any potential threats 24/7 without paying much attention to your financials
  • Never miss your payments due date
  • ​Be alerted about upcoming issues
  • Get support for achieving your financial goals
7 reasons Why Replacing Your Spreadsheets is a good idea
  • You can manage finances on the go
  • You will manage your risk and respond quickly to financial issues
  • You will prioritize expenditures and conserve cash
  • You will avoid costly mistakes
  • You will base decisions on real-time insights
  • Your data will be secured on bank level
  • You will achieve more predictable and sustainable growth
7 reasons why replacing your spreadsheets is a GREAT idea
  • Your financial data will be automatically visualized and secured on bank-level
  • You will have a clear picture of where your business is heading
  • Your team will understand the financial position easily
  • You will make business decisions based on sound financial data
  • You will have a virtual assistant who helps run your business 24/7
  • You will avoid costly mistakes
  • You can manage finances on the go
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